Each 100 ml contains:

Bromhexine              0.50 g

Vitamina C               3.00 g

Eucalyptol                3l00 g

Excipients c.s.p      100 ml


Poultry: 0.5 ml / liter water.

Piglets: 5 ml / animal.

Pigs: 15 ml / animal.

Cattle and Horses: 40 ml / animal.

Calves and Foals: 15 ml / animal.

Rabbits: 1 ml / animal.


Bottle x 100 ml
Bottle x 1 L
Container x 1 gal
Caneca x 20 Liters


Direct action expectorant and mucolytic indicated as an adjunct in the control and treatment of acute or chronic respiratory tract infections, infectious or not, that is present with mucus secretion. FLU-500 is safe, biodegradable, potentiates the action of antibiotics; non-toxic, non-teratogenic. Does not reduce egg production.